Everyone is Welcome

Integration, the starring of a beautiful story together 

Whatever your future position with us, a personalized integration program will be offered to you to get you started in the best possible conditions and help you flourish in your new job.

This one is adapted to your future work environment and allows you to understand the entire value chain of your future position. Our co-workers testify. 

Alexie – AGEM Customer Service Technician, arrived in March 2021

« Our program starts with a week on the shop floor, which is useful for getting to know all the assembly methods that AGEM uses and then to get to know the whole process from optimization to loading the furniture on the trucks. But in general, it allows us to realize what the workshop will expect from us when we integrate the offices, and to get to know as many people in the workshop as possible, who take the time to show us each operation so that we understand.

Then we go through the installation, which is mainly used to see what is possible or not. And finally we go into the offices! We have a trainer who is very involved and who does not hesitate to take time to explain us every point to know, whether it is on the design of a piece of furniture or on the tariff of AGEM. I had the chance to be part of an office with a good atmosphere and people present to answer every question we may have. This allowed me to gain confidence more quickly. My time in the workshop and at the installation really helped me understand how AGEM works. »

« AGEM's reputation, its craftsmanship and its industrial capacity are the factors that made me want to join the French leader in custom interior design. As soon as I arrived on January 25, 2021, everything was planned in advance so that I could integrate the AGEM company as well as possible:

- A visit of the premises allowed me to discover the different departments and to understand the organization of the company, to be introduced to my new colleagues, and to exchange with them.

- On the day of my arrival, I was given all my work tools, which reinforced my feeling of joining a serious company and of being expected.

- I benefited from a real training course of more than a month and a half dealing with the technicality of the products and services offered by AGEM and the 2020 Design software allowing me to start designing and creating interior design plans.

This integration process allowed me to develop a real professional relationship with my colleagues, to train myself and to place myself in the best conditions to take on my new duties as a technical sales representative. Today, I have validated my trial period and I am very happy to work in a human-sized company where there is a real team spirit. »

Frédéric – Technical Sales Representative South-West arrived in January 2021





The story of each person does not end when they join the Group. Supporting and developing versatility within the business lines and encouraging internal mobility are among of our priorities.




Whether in the form of work-study programs or continuing education, we implement an ambitious annual training plan to support our teams and promote skills development.